• Promote business networking and collaboration

    To organise activities that facilitate networking among members and stakeholders involved in gas related activities

  • Enhance public’s understanding on gas

    To enhance understanding of the general public on the role and uses of gas as a clean, safe, and efficient energy

  • Disseminate industry information and insights

    To provide a platform for thought leadership and to produce and maintain gas related information, insights and statistics on the gas industry

  • Advance knowledge and learning

    To advance knowledge and learning across the gas value chain on the safe, efficient and sustainable use of gas among members, gas professionals and students

  • Advocate for gas-related issues

    To be the advocate for gas-related issues that are the priorities of members and the gas industry and to contribute to the development of the associated legislation, policies, and/or standards

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AOGC 2015: (17-19 May 2015)
AOGC 2015: (17-19 May 2015)
17 May 2015
As contemplation rises for the future of the industry in these challenging times the industry captains will gather this May to find answers for impending questions perhaps,during one of the most critical and historical time for the industry. "Realising Opportunities Amidst Challenges” AOGC 2015 (17-19 May 2015) Find out how you can be you can be part of the 18th Asia Oil and Gas Conference by visiting us at www.icep.com.my Read more...

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